Hardware / Hardware Upgrades

Currently we are going for a second beefy hardware server to help us host things like Project Ozone 3 in Kappa-Mode.

In order to help finance some of the costs we will add Adds to the Homepage and add a voluntary donation system which allows you to donate towards a specific goal. There are No ingame rewards for donations, no special ranks, no items, no nothing – we have always been and will always be Non-Pay-To-Win!

So, if you still want to support us with your money, fantastic!

Currently we rack up roughly 50€ per month in hardware costs.
The second server will cost roughly the same (or, if some people chip in, we may go for something even bigger).

Soon there will be a graphical representation of running costs, planned costs and other possible upgrades. We do not misuse the funds, everything goes directly to the server.

If you want to support us before we have the graphical representation worked out, you can do so using this PayPal link. The current donations will all go towards a second server or, if exceeded, towards next months payment for it: